Household Communications & Utilities

Isn’t it amazing how you turn on the wall switches and the light comes on, just like when you turn the knob on your oven, gas starts burning, cooking your favourite roast dinner!

Possibly even more amazing for many is the advances in telecommunications and the provisions of the internet.

Because we are so used to having these facilities we tend to take them for granted and the large energy & telephony providers know this. They can increase costs whenever they want because they know you as a customer, cannot live without Gas or Electricity and the desire to have the latest technology is of paramount importance.

However, you can get a better deal and save a substantial amount by swapping your supplier via I Save 

The process is simple & there will be no interruption to your service. What will happen though, is you will receive lower bills!
In addition you can have your gas, electric, phone, internet & mobile phone on one simple monthly bill.

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